Business & Admin Support for

Professionals in the Legal Sector

Are you a BUSY professional in the legal sector who:

  • Is incredibly busy?
  • Has a hectic schedule? 
  • Has just started a new legal practice?
  • Feels like you never stop?
  • Does everything yourself?
  • Spends too much time on admin?
  • Is struggling to keep everything together?
  • Is worried about dropping the ball with clients?
  • Has a busy home life and needs help with family organisation?


Do you want to:

  • Take on more clients?
  • Spend more time fee earning?
  • Scale and grow your business?
  • Take on more chargeable work?
  • Provide better value to your clients?
  • Spend more time networking to find new clients?
  • Focus on your professional development and CPD?




I CAN HELP you TO Start achieving all of the points listed above.



A Virtual Assistant (VA) is someone who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location, usually at home.  

As a business owner, the biggest challenge you face when building and running your own business is acknowledging you can’t do everything yourself, especially if you want to grow and have more free time.  Therefore, without help you are pulled in various directions, you take on more and more work and end up wondering how you’re going to manage day by day.  

Just think of your hourly rate for instance and how much time it’s costing you per hour if you do the admin tasks yourself.  Working with a VA is your answer.  Having a VA onboard means you can outsource the time consuming tasks you shouldn’t be doing, you always leave until last, you don’t enjoy or quite frankly you never end up doing which isn’t good for business.


  • I have over 20 years legal PA experience;
  • I have an understanding of legal terminology;
  • I work with clients who are consulting, start ups or have set up their own law firm;
  • I have worked in small, medium and large sized law firms;
  • I pay my own national insurance, tax and business;
  • I have my own desk, computer, printer and equipment;
  • You don’t have to pay me for sickness or holiday leave;
  • You can use me for ad hoc work as and when needed, you only pay my hourly rate. 

Receive a FREE


Lovely words

Kellie was my PA for 7 years and during that time became a real asset to me and the company. Kellie joined us when the office first opened and over the years helped to put many processes and procedures in place and always ensured the office ran smoothly. Her enthusiasm for the role was always impressive and her willing and supportive attitude would make her an indispensable part of any individual/company she works for. Kellie is extremely organised, efficient and hard working and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking for a trustful, loyal and dedicated PA. It was our loss when she decided to leave us to emigrate abroad. We still remain friends to this day.

Rhian Howell

Beale and Company Solicitors LLP


Kellie was employed in the marketing team at Tanner De Witt to provide marketing and event support to all major practice areas, reporting directly to the partners; Kellie was also very effective in managing some more junior team members. With no prior marketing experience Kellie adapted to the role with ease, a friendly attitude and an extremely high level of self-organisation. She integrated with the team quickly, was super at the events and became a real asset to the firm. I could not recommend Kellie more highly.

Lizzie Fraser

Tanner De Witt

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Kellie worked for me for about 7 years. She was a very valued member of our team. She was bright, hard working and always enthusiastic.

Joe Eizenberg

Beale & Company Solicitors LLP


In all my time as a lawyer, Kellie is without doubt the best PA I’ve worked with. She is incredibly organised, pro-active, efficient, and lovely to work with. Kellie will genuinely make your world an easier and happier place to work in, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Tom Harding

Osborne Clarke LLP


Kellie was my PA for several years. She is one of those very rare people who is direct, efficient and highly productive but also really lovely to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

David McArdle

Beale and Company Solicitors LLP


I have no hesitation in recommending Kellie and would say that she is one of the brightest, efficient and hard working PAs that I have had the pleasure of working with. Kellie naturally understands the needs of her clients and the requirements of a PA. She is incredibly professional, personable and a very good communicator. She builds strong relationships with everyone around her. Kellie has great initiative and has a good understanding of business needs. There is no drama with Kellie; she goes about her daily work effectively and accurately without any fuss or demands.

Louise Braithwaite

Osborne Clarke LLP

Business Support Manager

Kellie Spoke at an event that I ran in Plymouth in January. She travelled from Bath to speak at the event, and was an absolute breath of fresh air. People loved hearing her talk about her job as a Virtual PA, and recommending ways of working with Virtual PAs in the future. It was our first event of it’s type, and I honestly couldn’t have asked for someone more engaged. Before the event she was helping to promote it and talking to attendees, and following the event, was happy to provide feedback. Thank you Kellie!!!


Dave Briggs

Nash & Co Solicitors LLP

Marketing Manager

Kellie has been helping us to plan and manage our events and keep us organised with all our admin. She is extremely organised, efficient and meticulous and such a positive person to work with. It’s great having her as part of the team and I don’t know what we would do without her.

Nynke Hunter

Inspire Biz

Whoa, when you handover parts of your business to someone else it often feels like a bit of a gamble. It’s certainly scary. But I was faced with a relatively urgent decision to do just that and chose Kellie to VA for two of my clients. It was as if nothing had happened, it was seamless and stress free. Kellie asked all the right questions and just got on. She is incredibly good at what she does, organised, kind and efficient. Thank you for helping make my 3 month convalescence stress free

Catherine Gladwynn

Catherine Online

Virtual Assitant

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