Long haul flights are long and tiring but with some careful planning and preparation you can ensure your journey is relaxed and as stress free as possible. Having lived in Taiwan and Hong Kong I’ve done a lot of long haul flights so read on for my 10 top tips for surviving a long haul flight.

1. Start making a list 

Always the most important start of any trip. Use the notes app on your phone at least 2 week before your flight and keep adding to it when you think of things.  If you leave the packing until the day before you leave, you’re bound to forget something! Read by blog on the importance of making a list here.

2. Wear comfy clothes

You wont want to spend 22 hours sat in a pair of tight jeans, especially if your feet and legs tend to swell – ouch!  I would always recommend sport pants or joggers with a t-shirt and hoody, plus trainers for all the walking to and from gates when in the airport.

3. Take a spare change of clothes in your hand luggage  

After a 12 hour flight to Hong Kong one year my suitcase didn’t turn up until the next day and I only had the clothes I stood in so I always make sure I have a spare change of clothes and a bikini – just in case!

4. Beauty products

I have a good range of beauty products including a hydrating facial wash, toning spray, serum, moisturiser and lip balm.   It’s good to wash and cleanse your face mid way through the flight or if you’re stopping over you can have a freshen up at the airport ready for the next flight.

5. Hydration face masks

Spending so much time on a flight in the air conditioned cabin can really dehydrate your skin so hydration face masks are ideal for providing some much needed hydration to keep your skin plum and soft.  I use them and get some stares but I don’t care, what I do care about is my skin.

6. Hydration drinks and water

Following on from the above, I also have a hydration drink before I leave for the airport which also helps to keep your body hydrated plus I’ll purchase a large bottle of water to take on the plane which I ask the air hostesses to fill up throughout.

7. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the airport

I hate rushing and always plan to get to the airport at least 4 hours before, which also gives you time in case there is an accident or any delays.  Just pray there are no drones flying about!!

8. Always get an isle seat

This really is personal preference but I always sit on the outside, probably as I end up drinking so much water I’m visiting the loo often!  Its also easier because I hate waking people up to ask them if I can climb over!

9. Time for self development

With a possible 14+ hours in the air, this is the perfect time to immerse yourself in some business learning and self development. Take a business book with you, download a series of podcasts that you’ve been meaning to listen to for the last 6 months or download some YouTube videos.  Use your time wisely. 

10. Get some sleep

This might seem an impossible mission as planes aren’t the comfiest places to sleep (unless you’re in business class, which I have done before and its amazing).  

Sleep makes you feel so much better and I always take Phenergan pills with me which are a mild sedative (not full blown sleeping pills like Valium’s etc) but available over the counter from any Boots chemist.  I usually take a couple (if a 10hr plus flight or 1 if around 7 hrs) and they help you to sleep but don’t totally knock you for six. 

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