Asana was one of the first tools I started using when I set up my Virtual Assistant business in 2018 and today I’m going to share 3 of the best features in Asana.  

I knew I wanted a tool where I could not only keep track of all the tasks and projects I was working on for clients but also so I could keep track of what I’m working on in my business in terms of my goals, leads, content, blog etc.   

I use Asana for personal organisation too and I always say to anyone who is looking to use this tool that it is such a great place to keep everything under one roof.

1 | Recurring Tasks

If you have recurring daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly tasks, you can list these out in Asana with recurring dates so that when you tick the task off it will reappear ready for the next date.

The beauty of a recurring task means you only have to set it up once.  It also means that you won’t miss anything important because once you’ve ticked the task off, it will be there ready and waiting for you when the next recurring date comes around.

To set a recurring task in Asana:

Ensure you have “Due Date” visible under your customised fields.  If this isn’t visible then simply click on “customise” (top right) and tick “Due Date”.  

Create your recurring task and click in the “Due Date” box.  Select the first date you want your recurring task to start.  Click on the ADD logo “set to repeat”.  This will give you various options.

You can repeat the task :

  • Weekly (tick which days of the week) 
  • Monthly (select which date of the month)
  • Yearly (the task will recur one year from the date you selected)
  • Periodically (e.g. 2 days after completion)
  • Custom (e.g. every 2 months on day 16).

2 | Tags

Tags allow you to categorise, filter, and denote information in Asana. They are one of my favourite features in Asana and that’s probably because I like to have everything in my business colour coded.

I use the purple tag for any task that is client related.  Each client is labelled with their name so that when I look through my tasks I can easily identify which client the task relates to.  I also use the purple tag to identify if a client is active, dormant or finished.

Another useful feature is when you click on a tag e.g. if I click on the my blue tag CALLS/WEBINARS it will bring up all tasks that have been tagged with this blue tag.  I can easily see what calls and webinars are coming up.

Tags also make it easier to identify tasks in your calendar so you can see what’s coming up for the day/week and month ahead. For tasks to appear in your calendar you must assign them to a team member.

3| Attaching Documents

I love this feature as it enables you to keep all your handy documents in one place.  If you always find yourself diving into folder after folder after folder looking for a frequently used documents in either GoogleDrive or OneDrive, why not add the doc to a task in Asana.

Asana is my main business tool where I do all my planning, tracking and organising.  When I’m planning my content I go to my content project, look for the “hashtag” task and know that both my hashtag sheets are attached and ready to open.

I also have my lead tracker attached to a task so whenever a new lead comes in I simply open up the google sheet and add the lead.

There are of course many features in Asana that make it one of the best project and task management tools on the market today.

If you use Asana, what is your favourite feature?