Asana is without doubt one of the best tools I use in my business as a Virtual Assistant.  With various clients to look after plus my own business activities to plan and meetings and appointments to stick to, I love how Asana helps to keep me organised.  I want to show you 5 amazing project ideas for Asana.

Not only do I use Asana for my business, I also use it for my personal life, where currently, we’re purchasing a new house so I’ve been planning everything on a house purchase project.

Because I love being super organised and find Asana such a great tool, I wanted to show you 5 amazing project ideas for Asana so you can start planning some business and/or home projects and become more organised.

1 | Business Planner

One of my main projects is called “KELLIE PLANNER”.  This is the hub of my business activities and where I keep all my main tasks and deadlines.  My project is split up in sections as follows:

Tasks to action

These include client tasks and business related tasks.  

Recurring tasks

I have all my weekly and monthly recurring tasks here.


I like to list out all upcoming calls and webinars which are also tagged with a blue tag.  This means I can easily identify them in my Asana calendar.


Depending what quarter we’re in, I’ll have the 3 months set out here with blog A and B as I blog twice a month.


Similar to the above.


I list some template tasks here so that I can copy and paste them over.  In the example below, for each blog I write, there are subtasks that need to be completed – I copy and paste these into each blog task:

I’ve taken a screenshot of my Kellie Planner so you can see how I’ve set it out.

Asana Business Planner

2 | 2020 Goals

I have use the board style for this and have separate columns as follows:

  • 2020 Annual Goals – my goals for the year
  • Q1 – Jan/Feb/Mar – I use a separate tile for each goal
  • Q2 – Apr/May/Jun – as above
  • Q3 – Jul/Aug/Sept – as above
  • Q4 – Oct/Nov/Dec – as above

Using the board style is a good way to have a birds eye view.

3| Meal Planner

I love using my meal planner.  Again, this is on a board layout as it’s so much easier to move tiles from one column to another.  I also like the visual aspect of the board view which works really well for the meal planner.

Simply put the days of the week along the top, together with any extra columns such as lunch ideas, veggie ideas, cakes etc.

For each tile you can add the web link for the recipe and copy and paste a pic of the dish to make it more visually appealing.

When you sit down to plan your means you can drag each recipe into the correct column for the day of the week you plan to cook it, you can also add new recipes.

What I love most about this meal planner is that it stops you from eating the same old meals time and time again.  Start introducing some new dishes into your life!

Asana Meal Planner

4 | Birthdays

I don’t know about you but sometimes it’s hard remembering all of your family and friends birthdays and anniversaries.  Having a project in Asana labelled “birthdays” means you can have them all listed.  I’ve given each birthday a deadline of the actual date as I check the project at the beginning of each month to see what birthdays are coming up, I then make a list and buy my cards.

If you need the reminder to pop up to actually remind you to buy a birthday card, then I would set the deadline for 7 days before – that gives you a week to go and buy your card!

E.g: Mum’s birthday (7 July) – deadline (1 July)

5 | Vision Boards

Similar to the meal planner, using the board style and saving images to separate tiles will give you a visual overall project.

I’ve done this for my house purchase so that I have an overall vision of what my new house is going to look like.  I’ve labelled my columns:


Front Room

Main bedroom

Guest bedroom


Front of house


You can see in the image below, I’ve carefully chosen a few favourite images showing the decor I like.   I’ve recently hired an interior designer, Jess Blake at Happy Beams who is going to help us design our front room and my office.  

Dream home vision board

I have shared this board with Jess and we are going to plan and collaborate through Asana.  Instantly she’s got a feel for my style which will help her choose the interiors.

You could use a vision board for anything… whether it’s dream holidays, dream house, dream car, affirmations or quotes!   

This board is my dream house and I’m so excited it’s becoming a reality!

So there you have it, 5 amazing project ideas for Asana.

I appreciate that learning a new tool can sometimes be time consuming. If Asana is something you’re looking at using to help get better organised, take a look at my Asana Power Hour which I’ve created just for small business owners like you.