Frequent travelling is a necessity for many professionals and with so many handy travel apps out there, which are then best ones to download?

I have a huge passion for travelling and spent 5 years living in Asia where I did a lot of short and long-haul travel and spent many trips travelling solo, so I’ve had to rely on myself to ensure all my plans were organised.  I used many different travel apps and still do now when travelling and I’ve put together a list of the ones I find the most useful:

Travel Apps

Seat Guru – How do you know which seats are the best, especially if you’re on a 12 hour flight? Seat Guru gives you a recommendation for the best seats on your airline and the seats to avoid;

DropBox – Okay, this isn’t a travel app but can be used to store all your travel confirmation emails and documents so that they are easy to locate (rather than having to trawl through loads of emails);

Flightradar 24 – A free app that allows you to track your flight.  Useful in case there are any delays and you need to notify your colleagues / meeting attendees at the other end;

SkyScanner – This is a popular app which I’m sure you use already.  It allows you to search and book flights and will search all options and give you the best prices;

Trip Advisor – I love this app and use it a lot as it’s great for reading reviews.  It is also really handy if you’ve arrived into a city and are not sure where to head for dinner, as you can search for “restaurants near me” and it will search all restaurants nearby using the criteria you have set; – My go to app for hotel bookings.  Most of the time you can book with no cancellation fees up to 1 day before which is handy if you have an unexpected emergency and need to cancel;

Airbnb – I’ve used Airbnb quite a few times now, it’s great if you’re looking for self catering and can work out much cheaper than staying in a hotel, especially in large cities;

Uber – One of my favourite apps as it takes the stress and pain out of hailing down a cab or trying to communicate with a driver if you’re in a foreign country.  The fare comes straight out of your account (so you don’t need to worry about having cash on you, especially if you’ve just landed);

XE Currency Converter – If you’re in a new country and unfamiliar with the exchange rate or currency, this app converts the currency at the latest up to date rate;

GoogleTranslate – Another handy app which I used all the time when I lived in Taiwan. You can also hover the app over a menu and it will translate (handy when the menu is in Chinese!!); and

Google Maps – A great app if you’re trying to navigate yourself around a big city and need to find your way back to the hotel or if you need to work out how long it will take to get somewhere – perfect for planning ahead.

Are there any travel apps you use whilst travelling that make your life easier?

Need help?

If you are a frequent traveller who doesn’t enjoy planning, organising or booking your travel plans and would like some assistance or advice on the best apps for your needs, please do email me and we can work together to ensure all your future travel plans give you peace of mind and a seamless travel experience.  Check out my travel services.